We’re surrounded by idiots

Those who can’t create, destroy

I don’t usually believe in ignoring the law but that little cabin is on private land in the middle of nowhere, was built out of natural materials and doesn’t even have any foundations! It’s basically a shed (albeit a very pretty one).

I just hope they’re not planning on baking triangular flapjacks in there, or the world would surely end.

Councils just hate it when people show self-sufficiency, don’t they? If this couple had asked for planning permission, it would have been refused for some flimsy reason (harmful to the ‘rural character of the locality’?! ‘Not essential to provide accommodation for an agricultural or forestry worker’?!). So why bother?

From the comments: “If this house is torn down I hope the council are going to provide this family with alternate housing because they will have made them homeless.”

Too right. So the council wants to feel needed, does it? Well, now’s the time to deliver – and that council house had better be a lot nicer than this one. Good luck with that.

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