I’m so glad I always mute adverts

(warning – very loud!)

OK. I have to ask: who on earth approved this campaign? Are they CRAZY?

Isn’t it bad enough having to put up with this kind of maddening noise in real life (my local supermarket in particular is a nest of brats)? Are we supposed to go “Awww” at the ‘lovely’ little girl who’s overwhelmed by her wonderful present? Come on, everybody knows a real child would only be furious at not getting an iSomething or other! I do go out sometimes, you know.

Halfords bikes are badly-put-together-by-indifferent-Chinese-workers shit anyway. Only a hated red-headed stepson should get one for Christmas.

A plea to all French expats in the UK

Stop calling yourselves “Les Frenchies” all the time. Just stop it. Please.

This magazine in particular is a nightmare:

It’s Frenchies this and Frenchies that throughout. Just look at the cover! (I see they’ve now discovered ‘Froggies’ too, oh dear). Makes the whole thing look like some silly school mag, when it’s actually a interesting resource for expats. Pity.

Expat blogs also tend to be called something like “Une Frenchy in London” or “Two Frenchies à Londres”. I’m not sure why they all seem to believe it’s cute and funny; let’s face it, being French in London is hardly a novelty these days.

Maybe ‘Français’ is just too hard to type on a qwerty keyboard…