Du pain, du vin… du bullshit

France stops entrepreneur from working as much as he wants, as per bloody usual

Seriously, wild horses couldn’t drag me back to that shithole. You just can’t change them.

How DARE you be open!
How DARE you be open!

Jean-Pierre Crouzet, head of the national bakers’ and confectioners’ confederation, said it made sense to uphold the rules to encourage competition by obliging people to buy bread elsewhere at least once a week.

He said: ‘They aren’t to prevent people from working but to ensure a balance, to promote the quality of products.’

Bollocks. Everyone in France has ‘their’ boulangerie that they remain faithful to day after day; this must annoy Monsieur Crouzet who obviously thinks all bakers, even bad ones, are equally entitled to customers’ money. Hence this rule forcing every bakery to close one day a week so customers regularly have to spend their money on bread they would not buy of their own volition. It’s a weekly hostage-taking situation by state-sponsored terrorists.

Only in a terminally socialist country like France could anyone believe this method “encourages competition” and “promotes quality”. Keeping the mediocre in business does nothing of the sort, it just encourages general mediocrity because nobody has anything to lose. It’s like everyone getting a medal just for turning up. I suppose that’s the balance he’s talking about.