I’d have them all eaten by Thestrals

Traveller arseholes live up to their reputation yet again

Poor thing. And as for the poor sod who got his car totalled, well it’s all part of Ireland’s rich cultural tapestry, right?

The thing is, those inbred bastards always swear up and down they “love” their horses, that having horses is their ancestral tradition, blah blah bullshit. You just have to look at pics of travellers riding or driving their pony and traps: ill-fitting (and therefore painful) bits and tack everywhere, not to mention zero riding/driving skills and a complete disregard for horse welfare.

They know fuck all about horses and care even less but it’s so picturesque, isn’t it? Bring on the next C4 documentary on the Appleby horse fair!

Note to bint: If half the bit pops out of the horse's mouth, IT'S TOO BIG.
Note to bint: If half the bit is popping out of the horse’s mouth, IT’S TOO BIG. And what’s all that crap around his neck, anyway? Call this a bridle?
Do notice the high quality of the bridle.
Do notice the high quality of the tack… the horsemanship is strong in this one
Get a moped!
I think a moped would be more your style
WTF is going on here? And give your mother her garter belt back.
Just WTF is going on here?

I also do not FUCKING BELIEVE the video in this article. DO. NOT. BELIEVE. I’m still shaking.

And this is allowed to happen because…? Oh yes,the tapestry. I forgot.

Words fail me.
Words fail me