Gypsies vs. Gays: a very DM dilemma

Oh dear, poor DM. What can you do when you have to report on a story where both parties are people you loathe?

Unfit biological parents have the sheer nerve to complain about adoptive family

Out of curiosity, I typed “gypsies” into the DM search engine and got 134 results; they’re obviously not afraid of using the word. And yet this particular gypsy family is only described as “Catholic”; you will notice that nowhere in this article are they referred to as gypsies, only Roma. How unusually respectful for the DM; I wonder why…

Oh wait. Could it be that the gypsies are up against a gay couple, the DM’s other bête noire? So the gypsies get given a varnish of Christian respectability (or so the DM thinks) because hey, they may be terrible parents and probably thieves, but at least they’re not filthy sodomites!

Thank the Lord for small mercies and all that.