What bloody language?

Victoria Coren Mitchell, annoying leftie extraordinaire, won a poker tournament on Easter Sunday. She immediately took to Twitter, as you do:


Then for some reason she panicked and posted this:


“Sorry for that language on Easter Sunday”? What is the nitwit on about? Does she apologise to Muslims and Jews every time she has a bacon sandwich? Unlikely.

So what is the meaning of this random attempt at political correctness? If she cares so much about not antagonising Christians, how about not boasting about gambling on Easter Sunday in the first place! Frankly, mild swearing should be the least of her worries. But that’s the problem with the professionally right on: engaging the brain is usually a last resort.

Also, ‘bloody’ is hardly offensive these days. If Ron Weasley can say it approximately one million times in the Harry Potter series, Victoria probably will not burn in hell just yet.