Gucci the passport seller

Young man who was shot dead on his own doorstep is soon to be canonised. Or something.

His death is of course very sad for his family, but the attempts by this guy’s friends to make him sound like a total saint do not quite ring true. For a start, law-abiding people don’t usually get shot dead on their doorstep, unless they caught a stray bullet or it was a case of mistaken identity – and it doesn’t seem to be what happened here, or the police and family would have mentioned it.

The childhood friend who talked to the DM journalist made the mistake of sharing a litte bit too much information:

He sold his passport at school just to make money and he officially changed his name to Gucci, his favourite brand.

He sold his passport at school?

What kind of schoolboy does that? And what kind of schoolboy buys someone else’s passport, and for what purpose? The bubble of criminality some people live in is absolutely staggering. The fact that this girl is stupid enough to tell a journalist this kind of thing, especially when trying to make her dead friend look good, is also hilarious!

Alas, I bet the police will not even bother investigating the matter as it might be seen as racial profiling.

As for renaming yourself after your favourite nouveau-riche brand, it could have been worse. At least he didn’t inflict that stupid name on any child of his.

He was the last person who you’d think would die young. He was a good boy from a good family of devout Christians. Every Sunday he would drive his family to church.

Did he also help old ladies cross the road and cure cancer in kittens? Give me a break. Quite frankly, I think the passport story told me all I needed to know.

His brother Nathaniel Wegbe teaches history at Paddington Academy. He is a role model and has changed thousands of lives for the better. […] He was very professional, but we would joke with him about his brothers. We thought they were involved in dodgy stuff, but he would just brush it off.’

Dodgy stuff, huh? Looks like the model brother was a little bit in denial.

Also, where is the Black Lives Matter rent-a-mob and why is nobody able to shed any light on the killers’ race, despite several witnesses having seen them?