Why can’t people READ?

I’m talking about the idiots who take medication (or give it to their kids!) without bothering to look at the box, let alone read the instructions:

Stupid story 1

It says ALL OVER THE BOX that co-codamol contains paracetamol. She took it for six months without ever noticing!

Stupid story 2

The pharmacist was of course wrong wrong wrong but still. EYE. EAR. TWO DIFFERENT WORDS.

I feel so tired… so tired…

Food as punishment

I was just browsing a forum and came across a post which made my head spin: an American woman was complaining that her friend’s fruit salad was unpalatable as it had too much mayonnaise in it.

Mayonnaise. In fruit salad. Mayonnaise.

No. Just no.
No. Just no.

I read the post four times, thinking my eyes were deceiving me. Then I reminded myself that American taste buds are slightly different from European ones, to say the least. So I did a bit of research and found this recipe which appears to be totally genuine.

Celery, pineapple, walnuts, tinned tuna, grapes, salad, apples, mayonnaise/salad dressing and dates stuffed with peanut butter. Serve with hot soup and rolls.

It sounds absolutely horrendous to me. Just because you happen to have all these things in your pantry does not mean they belong together!

Still, it’s nowhere near as bad as Elvis Presley’s “Fool’s Gold” sandwich:

1. Coat a loaf of Italian bread in butter.
2. Bake it.
3. Hollow out the loaf.
4. Fill it with an entire jar of smooth peanut butter and an entire jar of jam.
5. Finally, stuff it with a pound of crispy bacon.
Serves 8-10 (or one Elvis).

I have no words.
I have no words

For once I don’t solely blame the driver

Speeding motorbike vs.car

Just watch that video. The biker was going at 97mph on a 60 road! He didn’t even see the car until it was too late (and shrieked), no wonder the car didn’t see him either.

Maybe the driver just didn’t look (after all he did lose his licence) but “Think Bike” is neither here nor there in this situation. People just do not have the eyesight of a peregrine falcon and a speeding car would likely have crashed into him too.

I watched the video several times, and even knowing what’s coming I cannot see the car until the very last second – and a car is much bigger than a motorbike. Even without looking, the car would have had plenty of time to turn if the biker had been following the speed limit.

The biker should have slowed down when approaching a junction too, but I suppose that was too much to ask.

And all his mother can say to excuse his behaviour is “He loved speed”?! Please, he was 38, not 18. Come on.

She even says “I just hope that somebody benefits from it, that motorists slow down” and sadly the irony of it just totally passes her by. Also, what happens if motorists love speed too?