What it bloody says on the tin

Yesterday, this happy Slytherin (see previous post) read the following notification on Pottermore:

“Congratulations on winning the inaugural Pottermore House Cup. As part of your reward, you will be able to explore the first chapters of HARRY POTTER and the Chamber of Secrets before members of other houses.”

OK, cool 🙂

On the Pottermore Insider blog, they also specified that “only students who were in Slytherin when the inaugural Pottermore House Cup was awarded, will get early access.”

Sounds clear enough, yes? Obviously not for some people. I just read a reader’s comment on a fellow snake’s blog, saying (I’m paraphrasing)

“Wait, they said only Slytherin accounts that existed when the House Cup was awarded will get the reward. Does that mean ‘people who were logged in at that precise time’ or ‘people who already had an account when the ceremony occurred’?”

Well, what on earth was confusing about the original announcement? If the Pottermore people meant ‘logged in’ they would have said ‘logged in’, right? Words have meaning, especially technical words.

I come across this kind of strange attitude (“they said A so does that mean A or B”?) on a regular basis and I just can’t understand why. It seems there are people out there who absolutely insist on second-guessing everything and making life as complicated as possible. Not sure what they get out of it, apart from headaches…

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