Pregnant nudity fatigue

Gratuitous pic of a bunch of semi-naked, heavily pregnant women to illustrate an article on conceiving against the odds – not work safe!

What on earth is the point of this picture? We’re told these women are pregnant, OK. I’ll happily take their word for it. I don’t need to see every square inch of their naked bodies, just to be sure!

What is this wave of exhibitionism that’s sweeping the nation? Whatever happened to some things being private? I’m already barely coping with the endless nude calendars everyone and his dog has done, is doing or is planning to do for some good cause or other – AKA vanity charity – not to mention the Daily Mail’s obsession with “bikini bodies” and “baby bumps” (extra points if both can be found on the same female celebrity at the same time), and now every pregnant woman wants to be Demi Moore.

These visual assaults have to stop!

By the way, the original magazine headline is “PREGNANT, PROUD AND NAKED!” I’m glad they’re promoting this story in a mature and tasteful way, without relying on lurid titles which might attract the wrong kind of sicko fetishist reader.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this wonderful little ditty which says it all so well:

Pregnant Women Are Smug

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